Our Mission

Our goal is to actively involve and educate the constituents of Cambridge, North Dumfries and North Brant in endorsement of the Conservative Party of Canada and our chosen representative.

The core objectives guiding our Electoral District Association (EDA) are:

  • Supporting and promoting the principles, objectives and policies of the Party and maintaining an effective EDA for that purpose.
  • Providing organizational and financial support to the Candidate / Member of Parliament in our riding.
  • Raising money and maintaining a fund to support the EDA and assist candidates.
  • Actively identifying potential supporters and recruiting new members.
  • Encouraging the participation and recruitment of youth.
  • Facilitating, supporting and maintaining an ongoing policy discussion within the Party.

Our riding is registered and governed by Elections Canada, and is designated as the “Cambridge Riding – EC 35016”. There are currently 338 EDA’s in Canada, and you can look up any Electoral District Association registered with Elections Canada here.

Info on our electoral district:

Name: Cambridge (Ontario)

Population: 121,301

Registered voters: 90,298

Number of polling divisions: 204

Source: Elections Canada

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