Volunteers form the backbone of the Cambridge Electoral District Association (EDA), contributing to all its operations, events, and endeavors.

Each year, up to twenty Conservative members – volunteers – are elected to serve on the EDA Board through elections at the Annual General Meeting (AGM). As per the Conservative Party of Canada (CPC) Constitution (section. 4.2), all members have the opportunity to engage in various official meetings and committees as outlined in Section 5 of the CPC Constitution, and the Conservative EDA Constitution, and adhering to the approved Code of Conduct for Volunteers, Campaign Staff and EDA Staff, they can present their perspectives to the Board.

In Cambridge, our Board of Directors has five committees: Membership; Fundraising; Communications; Policy and Elections Readiness. 

Various volunteers currently chair and contribute to these committees. There are many roles and tasks to fulfil for our EDA to be election ready, and we invite you to consider becoming a volunteer today! Please contact our President and kindly share your interests, reasons for wanting to volunteer, and the skill sets you can contribute to a volunteer position. A Director will reach out to you to assist in integrating you into our efforts. 

Email: President@CambridgeConservative.ca

Cambridge EDA President

P.O. Box 33085, 950 Franklin Blvd, Cambridge, ON N1R 8R3 

Help our EDA prepare for the next election!